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Our vision is to improve patient’s lives through technological innovation.

Mectron was founded in 1979, and is headquartered in Carasco, Italy.
With over 40 years of research and continuous innovation, Mectron’s patented PIEZOSURGERY® technology has revolutionized the way bone surgery is performed.
Today, Mectron’s PIEZOSURGERY® plus and line of inserts provide surgeons with cutting-edge technology and surgical solutions aimed at improving patient outcomes. The expansive postoperative benefits of PIEZOSURGERY® have been experienced by distinguished surgeons in over 80 countries across our globe.
In the neuro and spine surgical fields, PIEZOSURGERY® allows for superior surgical control, unmatched precision and maximum safety. Piezosurgery is proven to preserve the surrounding dura, nerves and vessels promoting preservation and sustained integrity of the spinal column.

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