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The ESPN Annual Postgraduate Course in Pediatric Neurosurgery is the main vehicle of the Society to address and educate the next generation of professional in our subspecialty.

It runs in 3-year cycles, comprising the following modules:

  • 1st module: hydrocephalus, cysts, posterior fossa tumors, head trauma
  • 2nd module: dysraphism, spinal tumors, craniovertebral junction, vascular, sellar and suprasellar tumors, orbit and skull, midline tumors, craniosynostosis
  • 3rd module: cerebral hemispheric tumors, infection, spasticity, pineal region, epilepsy

Each annual Course corresponds to one of the aforementioned modules (in rotational order). Successful attendance of all three modules (regardless of the running cycle) results in obtaining the ESPN Course 3-year cycle attendance certificate.

ESPN Courses host a maximum number of 90 attendees per year, in order to ensure high quality of training and proper interaction with the instructors. The Scientific Program, drafted by the ESPN Training & Education Committee, focuses on practical aspects of neurosurgical practice with children, including thorough discussion of case presentations in the plenary morning sessions, solve-a-case sessions in groups and hands-on training workshops.

Registration to the Course is open to all neurosurgeons wishing to further their education in the pediatric subspecialty. Since this is a Postgraduate Course and interaction with the audience is an essential part of each session, trainee applications are exceptionally accepted, provided the perspective attendee is in his/her last two (2) years of residence in neurosurgery. It should also be noted that, due to the limited number of participants, priority is given until a certain deadline to attendees of previous years’ Courses, so as to give them a better chance to finish their 3-year education. All applications received for first attendance are placed in a waiting list and dealt with on a first-applied first-registered basis.

The ESPN Course’s curriculum has the following structure:
DAY 1 (Monday): Arrival of attendees & Opening Session
DAY 2 (Tuesday): Morning Plenary Sessions & Afternoon Parallel Sessions (Hands-on / Solve a case / Video)
DAY 3 (Wednesday): Morning Plenary Sessions & Afternoon team-building activities
DAY 4 (Thursday): Morning Plenary Sessions & Afternoon Parallel Sessions (Hands-on / Solve a case / Video)
DAY 5 (Friday): Morning Plenary Sessions / Afternoon Parallel Sessions (Hands-on / Solve a case / Video) / Evaluation Session
DAY 6 (Saturday): Departure of attendees

Registration to the ESPN Courses is offered as a participation package, which includes:

  • attendance of scientific sessions
  • breakfast/coffee breaks/lunch/dinner as specified in the program
  • accommodation (check-in on DAY 1 and check-out on DAY 6) in a double room shared with another participant

Shuttle services from/to the closest airport are offered on DAY 1 (arrivals) and DAY 6 (departures), according to a schedule announced within a month prior to the Course. This is also part of the participation package, provided travel plans are duly conveyed to the Course Secretariat and are in accordance with the guidelines provided on the website based on each year’s location.

Past editions:

 12th Cycle
2022 (1st mod.) website Varese, Italy
L. Valentini Grazia
2023 (2nd mod.) website Oslo, Norway Due-Tønnessen Bernt J.
Frič Radek
2024 (3rd mod.)
Sibiu, Romania
Claudiu Matei
 11th Cycle
2018 (1st mod.)
Montegrotto Terme
F. Sala
2019 (2nd mod.) website Harrogate, United Kingdom P. Chumas
2021 (3rd mod.) website  Virtual L. Valentini Grazia
 10th Cycle
2015 (1st mod.)

Segovia J. Hinojosa
2016 (2nd mod.) website Långvik M. Oinas
2017 (3rd mod.) website
Löwenstein M. Schuhmann
 9th Cycle 2012 (1st mod.)
Genova A. Cama
2013 (2nd mod.)
Montpellier T. Roujeau
2014 (3rd mod.)

Birmingham G. Solanki
 8th Cycle
2009 (1st mod.)

Corfu S. Sgouros
2010 (2nd mod.)   Berlin H. Haberl
2011 (3rd mod.)   Limerick
D. Crimmins
 7th Cycle 2006 (1st mod.)   Siofok L. Bognar
2007 (2nd mod.) 
  Istanbul M. Özek
2008 (3rd mod.)
  Vietri sul Mare G. Cinalli
 6th Cycle 2002 (1st mod.)   Murcia J. Martinez-Lage
2003 (2nd mod.)
  Dubrovnik P. Miklic
2004 (3rd mod.)   Edinburgh J. Steers
2005 (3rd mod.)
M. Mandera
 5th Cycle 1999 (1st mod.)   Aalborg J. Haase
2000 (2nd mod.)   Bucharest
A. Ciurea
2001 (3rd mod.)
W.J.R. van Ouwerkerk
 4th Cycle 1996 (1st mod.) 
R. Oberbauer
1997 (2nd mod.)
N. Sørensen
1998 (3rd mod.)
  Verona C. Mazza
 3rd Cycle 1992 (1st mod.)
  Geneva J. Berney
1994 (2nd mod.)   Antalya A. Erbeni
1995 (3rd mod.) 
  Lyon C. Lapra
 2nd Cycle 1989 (1st mod.)   Bonn W. Entzian
1990 (2nd mod.)   Madrid
F. Villarejo
1991 (3rd mod.) 
  Birmingham A. Hockley
 1st Cycle 1986 (1st mod.) 
  Marseille M. Choux
1987 (2nd mod.)
C. Di Rocco
1988 (3rd mod.)
K. Hovind


The 13th cycle - 1st module of the ESPN Postgraduate Course will be held
at Dubrovnik - CROATIA
on APRIL 7-12, 2025
For more information will be available soon