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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

beyond being a great pleasure it is an incredible honor for me to serve as President of the ESPN for the next two years.

Two are in my mind the features that have, since the beginning of its history, made the ESPN a light to watch to in the continental pediatric neurosurgical community. First is its pioneer role in postgraduate education of new generations, a continuous success in the now more than 50 years history of the Society; second are the principles that guide  its central core , the Executive Board, whose constant common willingness to work as a group with the same passion, instead of favouring the enlightening of single members, has allowed to reach a team guided progress in our speciality, testified for example by the always cited ESPN surveys and guidelines,  the up do date roadmap which gives to every member the way, to be part of a united family.

At the time of this address we’re almost probably getting out of the certainly most difficult time of the last 80 years for the human beings, a period in which everyone lost for the pandemic at least a friend, a close person, a family member, and so was for the ESPN . Once traumatically woke up from the unjustified human trust that humans can everything on Earth, as in every united family, we got as a Society more united, continuing to pursue  ,  with new ways , that I am sure part will stay, our main purposes, exchange scientific experiences, train new generations , promote our spirit.

It is with all of this in mind that I will walk with all of you the  next two years , not as an enlightened person but as one among others, an age matched or an older brother , stimulating the active participation and leadership in his/her committee of each executive board member, promoting the interaction with national continental and international friends with our same passion.

I deeply hope that we will end these two years all together , with every single member and beyond in an heartedly embrace, during the meeting that I will do everything in my hands to make memorable in Rome in  May 2023.

Gianpiero Tamburrini
ESPN President 2021-2023