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ESPN 2nd message on Russian/Ukraine war

April 24th, 2022

It is exactly two months today, the unacceptable aggression of Ucraine Country and people from the Russian government has started. By chance this coincide with the catholic ortodox Easter day, a day of celebration of purity and purification of our soul , peace , fraternity.
It is hypocrit at least to celebrate this religious occasion in the church in whatever safe place in Russia and on the other side continue a war action which , inevitably, as expected, continues to make hundreds of innocent victims, civilians, and my mind goes back in particular to children, who have no fault, whose only thinking should be in a day, like today to embrace their parents, their family members, play with their friends.
Today is a day of pray, and as a christian my strongest pray is that no formal false happiness should cover any face, only sadness and the sight toward a change that can only signify the end of what we continue to look at, and the only light everyone in the world  would want to see, the one of peace.

Gianpiero Tamburrini
ESPN President 2021-2023